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OdySeedArt's News

Posted by OdySeedArt - 5 hours ago

Getting into the creepy cute aesthetic and pulled it into my style. I don't plan on leaning hard into this stuff, but its nice to watch my style mutate as a result. I want it to feel more welcoming but still keep its "grungy" feel. We will see.


Posted by OdySeedArt - 7 days ago

Sometimes it's hard not to just go crazy at night and eat everything in sight, doubly so when I just got done with a satisfying project. What is it about drawing that makes me so darn hungry afterward? Anyway, I'll have to settle for something to drink. I'm not allowed to eat solids this late a night.

Posted by OdySeedArt - 7 days ago

Nothing like a slow day at work, so I can study a new form of art, new art program and just be creative all day.


Posted by OdySeedArt - 10 days ago

If you are smiling while doing the thing, then you are doing it right.


Posted by OdySeedArt - October 19th, 2021

To anyone who comes across this.

I'm looking into getting into writing stories and illustrating them. I have no idea what kind of format to put said stories on Newgrounds however. I have done like 2 short stories already and turned them into PNGs, but I'm considering something much longer and much more serious. Should I present them as images? Or what? I have no idea or examples seeing as how Newgrounds isn't super geared towards writers but more artists/animators. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome. Just looking for someone to help me brainstorm how to put my work out there in a way that would interest people who come across my profile.


Posted by OdySeedArt - July 27th, 2021

Its been a while and finally, i'm over my worry, fears, and even my burnout. I have decided that the scope of my newgrounds account is going to expand, becoming a central hub for my work. I feel I don't have to worry about censorship so much here and I have been wanting to really let myself go and express my art in its purest form .. I don't know what that means yet tho. I plan on going a bit more experimental in the upcoming months ... Regardless, here is where I'm going to discover what my art is.. and where it cant take me.. Thank you for being willing to follow me into this uncharted territory.



Posted by OdySeedArt - April 14th, 2020

Sorry for no updates. I was letting my brain and hands heal up before i ramp up for another art-limit-break. In the meantime i have taken the time to enjoy other things from shows i am behind on to video games. I have to say though... From a character design standpoint, I have come to really appreciate Boku No Hero Academia. Just studying the anime and manga have really inspired me to look outside of my little box. #BNHA #artmotivation

Posted by OdySeedArt - April 2nd, 2020

With the quarantine going on and all I figured I would treat my redbubble more seriously. Im going to need the cash lol.iu_106694_7901281.jpg Its mostly text t-shirts atm, but I am going to post my artwork on there soon. I just have to get it print worthy.


Posted by OdySeedArt - April 1st, 2020

I haven't been feeling well lately (No its not COVID, its just normal sickly stuff for me) but during a lot of discomfort I decided to make a OC based off of my pet rabbit who died in December of 2019 .. Her design from the neck up just worked out perfect. Now I have to decide what the neck down is going to look like. I have some ideas, but am going to do some research ... I will probably dress her in a lot of different stuff but I want to make her a base costume. Hmmmmm~ This is going to be more fun than I thought initially.


Posted by OdySeedArt - March 28th, 2020

So as some of you may have read, I am working on cartooning up my style ... there have been some studies and some improvements, I'm hoping to have this a bit more ready to go in the next few days. Until then here are a few doodles I am sharing..